Order fixed fee Canadian trademark application

We provide this service through Gao IP Agnecy Ltd. as a trademark agent. The flat fee service includes: 1) Consultation time of up to thirty (30) minutes; 2) Preparing and filing the your Canadian trademark application having ONE class of goods or services; 3) The government fee for a trademark application having ONE class of goods or services. Upon providing the information below and signing the engagement letter, we will provide you with a link to make the payment. Once we receive the payment, we will review the information you provided and contact you discuss the filing strategy.
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Does your trademark include a design element, for example, a logo, or stylized letters? If yes, we will ask you to send us your trademark by email later.
This list should include the goods and/or services you provide or intend to provide in association with your trademark. If you are unclear what goods and services, you may consult the Goods and Services Manual at https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/canadian-intellectual-property-office/en/trademarks/goods-and-services-manual.
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Number of classes
Each class after the fist class costs CAD339. If you have any questions, please let us know